Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Thursday, July 14, 2016

PSA Cards - 1970 and 1983 - What a Difference

I've still not submitted any cards to a grading service.  I do have some that I purchased in sets or other lots.  Today I looked at PSA's site to check out some of the population reports.

Here are the stats from 1970 Kellogg's cards from PSA's Population Report.

28,591 cards were graded so far by PSA

  4,140 grades of 10 (14.5%)
16,469 grades of 9 (57.6%)
  6,135 grades of 8 (21.5%)

The top three grades account for about 93.6% of the graded cards.

The top five graded cards are Mays (847), Seaver (749), Rose (746), Jackson (716) and Banks (673).

There are only 18 Carlos May cards with a grade of 10 and only 16 Rich Reichardt's with the highest possible grade.

In 1983 the stats are quite different for Kellogg's cards

2,450 cards have been graded by PSA

   946 grades of 10 (35.6%)
1,123 grades of 9 (45.8%)
   304 grades of 8 (12.4%)

The top three grades account for about 96.8% of the graded cards.

Only four cards have been graded more than 100 times - Brett, Rose, Ryan and Schmidt.  The lowest number of graded cards are Vuckovich (9 submissions) Templeton (12), Baines (15) and Horner (15).

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