Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Sunday, July 17, 2016

1982 Kellogg's Card Backs #46 - #54

Let's see if there is anything interesting on the backs of these cards.

Dodger, Dodger, Pirate, Pirate, Dodger - ick!

#46 Ron Cey - he missed the end of the season with an injury from a hit-by-pitch but he came back to play in the World Series where he was hit in the head by Goose Gossage.  Cey ended up sharing WS MVP honors with teammates Pedro Guerrero and Steve Yeager.

Not on the card - Guerrero got into the 1983 set buy Yeager never got a Kellogg's card.

#47 Steve Garvey - "he is the modern day Lou Gehrig".  He led the team in batting in the 1981 World Series.

Not on the card - he probably led the team in haircuts too.

#48 Dave Parker -  Back to negative Kellogg's script.  He didn't recover well from knee surgery, ending up with his worst batting average in 1981.  He has great speed for a big guy to go along with a strong arm in the outfield.

#49 Mike Easler - the card mentions that he was with Houston, St. Louis, California, Boston and Pittsburgh already.

Not on the card - The stats don't show him playing in the majors with St. Louis or Boston.  In 1975 the Cardinals had him in the minors.  The Red Sox acquired him after the 1978 season and traded him during spring training in 1979.

#50 Dusty Baker - Kellogg's was surprised that his selection to the All-Star team was the first of his career.

#51 Rod Carew - Kellogg's says that betting against Carew hitting .300 is like betting against "Old Faithful" to erupt.  Indians Manager Dave Garcia says "Why is it that the ball looks like a basketball to Carew and a golf ball to everybody else?"

#52 Chris Chambliss - His first name is Carroll.  He was the 1971 AL Rookie of the Year.

#53 Tim Raines - "A world-class sprinter in baseball cleats".  He had his sights set on Brock's record 118 steals when the strike ruined that plan.  He had 50 steals in the first 56 games.

#54 Chet Lemon - He played high school football with USC/Tampa Bay star Ricky Bell.

Not on the card - sadly Bell died before reaching the age of 30.  He had a rare disease which caused him to die of heart failure.

Also not on the card - I love my Chet Lemon model glove.

Finally some good hobbies.  Easler is listed as enjoying Table Tennis and Bowling.  Chet Lemon likes Rock and Shell Collecting.  Chris Chambliss collects phonograph records.

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