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Kelloggs Cards

Saturday, July 23, 2016

1982 Kellogg's Card Backs #10 - #18 - Perry Mason on a Baseball Card?

Kellogg's stuck to their game plan of putting lots of Hall of Famers at the front of their sets, so maybe there will be some interesting comments on the next nine cards from the 1982 Kellogg's baseball card set.

Hobbies - Reggie mentioned automobiles and Dave Winfield listed art, fashion and reading.  

#18 Mike Schmidt - he led the league with a "Ruthian" slugging percentage.  He won his second consecutive MVP award and sixth Gold Glove.

#17 Bruce Sutter -  In his last five seasons Sutter was an all-star each time.  He missed the first game with an injury.  In the last four he's got two wins an two save.  The card states - "It's almost as predictable as the ending of every Perry Mason episode - Sutter comes to the rescue and accepts congratulatory from his N.L. teammates after every game.".

#16 Pete Rose - he tied Stan Musial for the NL all-time hits record and then there was the strike.  He had to wait through a 50-day strike to break the record.  

not on the card - Rose has had to learn to wait a lot in his life.

#15 Burt Hooton - nicknamed Happy by Tommy Lasorda because Burt never seemed happy.  

not on the card - he seemed happy when I saw him throw a no-hitter as a Cub.  He probably didn't like the team around him most days though.  

#14 Reggie Jackson - he is pictured as a Yankee but the card back shows that he's now an Angel.  He signed a lucrative contract with California. 

not on the card - Jackson was an Angel in the Looney Tunes set and in a Naked Gun movie. 

#13 Bob Horner - his home run/at bat ratio is similar to Hank Aaron, Ted Williams, Willie Mays and Joe DiMaggio.  He just needs to stay healthy.  

#12 Dave Winfield - Steinbrenner made him the highest played MLB player - the 23-million-dollar man had a great season too.  

#11 Nolan Ryan - he threw is fifth no-hitter and won the ERA title.  But, he lost the last playoff game to the Dodgers 4-0.

not on the card - he led the league in ERA twice in his career but he never led the league in wins.  

#10 Hubie Brooks - his grandfather played in the Negro Leagues.  In most years he would have been a great choice for Rookie of the Year, but he came in with Fernando Valenzuela and Tim Raines.

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