Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

1982 Kellogg's Card Backs #28 - #36 -- And a Question for Everyone

Let's try another nine cards from the 1982 Kellogg's baseball card set.  Is there anything interesting on the backs?

Hobbies - not a lot on interesting ones.  Johnny Bench mentioned singing and Art Howe mentioned handball.

#36 Phil Niekro - not much to say since there are stats from 1964 to 1981.  His streak of double-digits wins was stopped only because of the strike.  The strike sure comes up a lot on these cards.  Is it even mentioned on Topps, Fleer or Donruss cards?

#35 Tony Armas - he became a star when Billy Martin became A's manager in 1980.  He was obtained from the Pirates along with Rick Langford and Mitchell Page.

not on the card - that was quite a trade for the A's who gave up Phil Garner, Tommy Helms and Chris Batton.  Helms played 77 games with Pittsburgh and a few with Boston.  Batton never played in the majors again after playing two games with Oakland and Garner played until 1988.  The A's picked up a few others in the trade including Doug Bair, Doc Medich and Dave Giusti.

#34 Art Howe - "looks like a former computer programmer for Westinghouse because he was a former computer programmer for Westinghouse".  He manages in the off-season in the Puerto Rican League.

not on the card - as a former programmer, this now ranks as one of my favorite card backs.

#33 Buddy Bell - he played his first seven seasons in anonymity in Cleveland.

not on the card - when you have 10-cent beer night how do you expect the fans to remember the players' names?

#32 Goose Gossage - he got injured during the strike while training to resume play.

not on the card - saves are not even listed in the stats.

#31 Bob Knepper - the Giants traded him to the Astros for Enos Cabell.  Knepper turned things around with a strong season, finishing second in the NL in ERA.

#30 Johnny Bench - he requested that the Reds only use him at catcher twice a week so that he could extend his career.  This happened because Bench broke his ankle.  He played 52 games, only seven at catcher.

not on the card - in 1982 and 1983 he only played a total of six games at catcher.

#29 John Castino - Yogi Berra's quote is used in discussing his future.  Berra said "He's got his whole future ahead of him".  Castino had three solid seasons so far.

not on the card - he only played two+ more seasons.  He hit poorly in 1982 but rebounded in 1983.  Back issues ended his career in early 1984.

#28 Robin Yount - at age 25 he became the youngest player to appear in 1,000 games and the third youngest to collect 1,000 hits.

not on the card - who were the two players before Yount that recorded 1,000 career hits at a younger age than Yount?

I got one easily.  The other one is a player who has a Kellogg's card.

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