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Kelloggs Cards

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Crazy Path From Idaho to a Kellogg's Card - Can You Name this Player?

28 players from Idaho have played in the major leagues.  Not a lot of famous names, but plenty that I've heard about.  My friend from college could easily answer this one because the player is Idaho's claim to fame.

Clues -

1.  He only played in the AL.

2.  He played 22 seasons.  He logged at least 470 games at three different positions.

3.  He won one AL MVP award and he placed in the top-5 six times.

4.  He had only 19 career steals.

5.  He played his last season with the brother of someone from yesterday's post.

6.  He is from Idaho, isn't that easy enough?

60 years ago today Harmon Killebrew hit his first of 573 home runs.   He was still 18 years old!  He led the AL in homers six times.

He was signed by the Washington Senators because Idaho's U.S. senator told the Washington Senators owner that he should check out Killebrew.  The farm director then flew to Potatoville, Idaho (not really) to see him play.  The scout certainly liked what he saw and a Hall of Fame career began.  I doubt that it works that way any more.

He certainly could hit every pitcher.  Andy Messersmith faced him in 41 official at-bats without giving up a homer.  The 52 other pitchers who faced him more than that all surrendered at least one home run to Killebrew.

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  1. He seemed like he was a great guy, too. I like that one card of his that shows his home run swing. --I just tried to look it up, but found cards of him in a Royals uniform. Had no idea.