Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Oh Dear! I Should Have Followed the Fortune in Pee-Wee's Big Adventure Today

After the day I had on Sunday I was hoping to do a post on Rob Deer.  Unfortunately, Deer didn't get onto a Kellogg's card because he entered the league in 1984, just a bit too late for a Kellogg's card.

In my many years of trail running I've encountered lots of wildlife.  Today a couple mentioned to me that there was a deer ahead in the brush.  Instead of saying thanks I actually told them "I see deer all of the time on these trails."  Looking back on it I'm thinking she was trying to warn me about something.

I couldn't see the deer on the left at all which surprised me.  Then I saw it about 50 feet directly to my left.  It was a larger deer than I am used to seeing and it had nice antlers protruding from its head.  Maybe it was because of my red hat, but it  actually charged through the brush toward me.  By the time it got to the trail I was about 50 feet ahead of it and moving like Usain Bolt.

Usually a deer just runs across the trail and back into the brush.  Not this time!  The deer gave a bit of a bull's clawing the ground motion and then headed toward me.  I began running backward at this point and looking for a stick or something to protect myself.  I couldn't find anything.

Luckily, the deer was spooked by an approaching bicycle and it ran back into the woods.  Since I run at the trail many times during the year I will certainly be on the lookout for "Bull" in the future.

How can I tell this story and tie it to Kellogg's cards?  I found multiple players on Kellogg's cards who had the nickname of Bull.  Three of them appeared in the same set.

Orlando Cepeda's nickname was Baby Bull.  Why?  His father's nickname was Bull.

Leon Durham was nicknamed Bull.  That one just makes sense.

Greg Luzinski was nicknamed The Bull.  He was listed as 6'1" and 255 pounds so his nickname made sense too.

Bob Watson was nicknamed Bull, but I didn't know that one.  I remember him as a good player who scored the one millionth run in baseball history.  I would guess that some SABR guy already proved that someone else did.  I plan to join SABR in the future and maybe I'll find out more.  

What was Pee-Wee's fortune?  Don't leave the house today.  If I had stayed home I would probably be writing about Bob Bailor today.  Sorry Bob but you'll need to wait until tomorrow.

I would also have been better off taking Al Czervik's advice in Caddyshack about what he should have done instead of playing golf.