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Kelloggs Cards

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Older Brother Got the No-Hitter But Who Had the Best Dinner Table Story?

Phil Niekro is a Hall-of-Fame pitcher who had 318 career wins.  His younger brother Joe finished with 221 wins giving them the most of any brother combination in baseball history.  They finished with 10 more wins than the Gaylord and Jim Perry.  Of course Cy Young won 511 games on his own.  

The Niekro's threw knuckleballs which resulted in 389 wild pitches, also tops on the list for brothers.  This gives me another chance to quote Bob Uecker who said the best way to catch a knuckleball was to "wait until it stops rolling and then pick it up."  A site called covers everything you'd want to know about the pitch.  Maybe I should consider a career change?

Phil also did a few other things that Joe didn't.  Phil had a no-hitter in his long career while Joe had one close call.  Phil also appeared on Kellogg's cards while Joe managed to be ignored even with his strong career.

Joe still did a few things that Phil didn't manage to do in this career.  Sure Phil hit 7 career homers and Joe only managed one.  Joe's one claim to fame was that this homer was off his brother Phil.  Do you think that ever came up at family reunions?

Joe also had one other thing that Phil didn't - an emery board in his pants during a game.  Check out YouTube for a video of the moment when the umpire had Joe empty his pocket and he threw the emery board.  As if throwing a knuckleball wasn't enough to frustrate hitters.  Why did he also need an emery board?

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