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Kelloggs Cards

Sunday, June 14, 2015

I Love No Hitters - Keep Following This Week as I Ramble on About No-Hitters and Kellogg's Baseball Cards

On this day in 1965 Jim Maloney had a 10-inning no-hitter against the Mets.  The problem?  Of course the score was still 0-0.  Maloney yielded a a homer in the 11th to lose 1-0.

For most players that is their only shot at a no-hitter.  Maloney was slightly more fortunate a few weeks later.  In August he again had nine no-hit innings only to be tied 0-0.  Luckily for him, Leo Cardenas homered in the 10th and the Reds held on to win 1-0.

How do you spell relief?  R-O-L-A-I-D-S.  The Rolaids Relief Man Award began in 1976.  They should have thought about this in 1965 and used Maloney in commercials after his team couldn't get one run in nine innings in the two games mentioned above.

Maloney registered another no-hitter in 1969.  He recorded two 20-win seasons in route to a career record of 134-64.

Maloney also was a decent hitter.  In 628 career official at-bats he had seven homers, a .201 average and 53 RBIs.

Maloney played 12 years, 11 of them with the Reds.  Good thing he played that last year with the Angels because now his uniform numbers make up my childhood address 4643.

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