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Kelloggs Cards

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Dodger Infield with Longevity Record Plays Together for the First time on This Day in 1973

On this day in 1973 the famous Dodger infield played together for the same time.

Steve Garvey appeared in Kellogg's set from 1975-77 and  1980-82.

Davey Lopes got into Kellogg's sets from 1979-81.

Ron Cey showed up on a Kellogg's card from 1977-78, in 1980 and again in 1982.

Bill Russell is still waiting for his Kellogg's card.  I'll need to make that once I figure out a good way to create my own.

redeemed himself by playing for the Cubs


redeemed himself by playing for the Cubs

How did Russell not get into one of their sets?  Hostess put him into their set, which was certainly a lot bigger than what Kellogg's offered.

Russell spent over 30 years with the Dodgers including 18 years with the big-league team.  He has the longest tenure of any L.A. Dodger.  Zach Wheat equalled him with the Brooklyn Dodgers.  Wheat then went on to another team for his last season.   Russell only played for the Dodger organization.

Russell was a 3-time all-star and he amassed 1,926 hits.  Maybe he should have been on the 1977 card instead of Charlie Hough?

During his 18 years in the majors the Dodgers won six division titles, and four NL pennants.  One of those World Series appearances resulted in a win.

Also around this day in 1973 my Little League Dodger team won a game that my coach talked about every time I saw him again in the neighborhood.  More on that in a few days.

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