Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Expect a Pitcher to Hit a Homer Today - Let's Call it National Pitchers Swing for the Fences Today

There have been some great stories of pitcher home runs on this day in baseball history.  Here are a few of the stories.

On this day in 1971 Rick Wise hit two home runs while throwing a complete game.  Oh yeah, he also threw a no-hitter.  Later in the season he also had a two-homer game.  He finished with 15 career homers partly because he spent 6 of his 18 years in the AL.

Eight of those home run came against pitchers good enough to get onto a Kellogg's baseball card.  Maybe I should find out which players hit more home runs off of pitchers who have a Kellogg's card?

On this day in 1973 Ken Brett homers in his fourth consecutive start on the mound.  He finished with 10 career homers because he played in the AL a lot and only got 347 official at-bats in his career.

I read that Brett wore 13 different uniform numbers in his career.  That could be hard to top.  I will need to see if anyone has surpassed that count.  More later.   See
for more amazing baseball data.

On this day in 2008 Felix Hernandez of the Mariners hits a homer in an inter-league game.  It the the first home run for a Mariners pitcher.  Remember, the Mariners entered the AL after the designated hitter rule was in place.

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