Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Jose Can You See? Did This Really Happen?

Jose Cardenal was quite a quirky player for the Cubs.  The cameras would show him eating whatever kind of berries that were growing on the Wrigley Field ivy.  I liked Jose because there was never a regular, boring day with him around.  Baseball teams need someone like that.

He's known for his odd behavior and even more unique reasons for missing games.  He was too tired to play one day after claiming crickets kept him awake all night.  Another time he claimed that his eyelid was stuck open preventing him from blinking - and playing.

In those days, reporters weren't likely to investigate some of these claims further.  The reporters were less likely to try to bust the athletes and their odd/bogus claims.  I have a good story about Shawon Dunston's season-ending injury, but since he doesn't have a Kellogg's card that will have to wait until I have a similar story.

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