Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Dan Quisenberry was signed as an undrafted free agent on this day 40 years ago.  That's half of lifetime ago for a guy turning 80 today.  Dan played collegiately at the University of LaVerne near Los Angeles.  Not many famous alums from this school.  That's some good scouting.

Quisenberry played for 12 seasons, leading the league in saves five times in a six-year period.  In all five of those seasons he finished in the top-five in the Cy Young Award Voting, twice being runner-up.

As a long-time AL pitcher he did get seven at-bats in the NL.  He recorded one single, one walk and one RBI.  Some day I'll need to check to see if he drove in the run with the hit or the walk.  I can't picture him swinging the bat, so my money is on the walk.  Maybe intentional?  Nah!

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