Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Monday, June 15, 2015

Brotherly Love in Kellogg's Baseball Cards and No-Hitters?

On this day in 1938 Johnny Vander Meer pitched his second consecutive no-hitter - no I wasn't at either game.  Since this has only happened once in baseball history I thought I'd keep examining no-hitters.

Sandy Koufax threw four no-hitters.  From his 1st to his 4th, only seven other no-hitters were thrown in all of MLB.

Nolan Ryan bested Koufax by throwing seven no-hitters.  Between Ryan's 1st and 4th no-hitters there were only 4 others even though there were more teams when Ryan did this.  The next no-hitter in MLB after Ryan's 1st was Ryan's 2nd and the next one after Ryan's 3rd was Ryan's 4th.

Cy Young threw no-hitters.  It seems that I can't talk about pitching without talking about Cy.  He threw the ball so fast that is card is blurry.

In 1983 Bob Forsch threw a no-hitter on 9-26-83.  It looked like the last of the Kellogg's era until Mike Warren threw one on 9-29-83 - against the White Sox.  Bob also had one in 1978 and brother Ken got his in 1979.  They are the only brothers to toss no-hitters.

Since both were NL pitchers I checked to see how they fared against each other.  Bob was 0-2 against Ken and Ken was 0-1 against Bob.

More about the 1978 Ken? Forsch Kellogg's card in a future post.

I never pitched or batted against my brothers.  Our league always put brothers on the same team.  It wouldn't have mattered because I pitched twice in my ten years of baseball.  In both instances I ended up playing in centerfield before being able to record three outs.


  1. I might get myself a Harvey Haddix card. You can get one for a dollar on ebay. I guess he was too early for Kellogg's.....

    1. If I find one in my mess I will put it aside for you. I plan to continue to mention players who aren't on Kellogg's cards. My future project might be to design my own using Photoshop or something like that.