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Friday, June 12, 2015

Do Knuckleball Pitchers Get Kellogg's Baseball Cards?

Only 39 players born in Hawaii have played in the majors.  Only one was active in 1969 when Kellogg's was planning their 1970 set.  Mike Lum played for 15 seasons beginning in 1967.  Too bad he wasn't a superstar because whenever I opened a pack of 1978 Topps cards he was in it.  His card was the one I got more than any other from any year in my childhood - 22 of them in 1978 on a paperboy budget.  They weren't trade bait either, so I think I still have them all.

Charlie Hough, born in Hawaii but educated in Florida,  started his 25-year MLB career in 1970......slowly.  He pitched 12 times in his first three seasons.  In 1976 he recorded 18 saves and a 12-8 record in 77 games.

Going into 1977 he had 30 career saves, 28 career wins and 0 career starts.  That's almost equal to his 27 hit-by-pitches.  Somehow, he got onto a Kellogg's card in 1977.

Hough started 26 games in his first 12 years and then 414 during the next 13 years.  That's exactly opposite to the path of all other pitchers.  His knuckleball certainly helped that.

If Kellogg's had continued printing cards after 1983 Hough would have found himself in a few sets.  He ended up winning 216 games (and losing 216), with 56 in the first 12 years and 160 in the last 13 years.

I'm guessing that there won't be lots more players from Hawaii.  Who would want to leave there?  I wouldn't know because that is the only state I have yet to visit.  I had a great trip planned but the family overruled me so that we could go into the most crowded hotel pool ever seen in Florida.  

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