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Kelloggs Cards

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The 1976 Expansion Draft - Bob Bailor on a Kellogg's Card

Bob Bailor was the first player chosen by Toronto in the Expansion Draft in 1976.   It worked out okay since he was named their top player in the team's first two seasons.  As can be seen from his card, the team couldn't settle on a position for him.  

Other players chosen in the draft who also appeared on a Kellogg's card are listed below.

Rico Carty was drafted from the Indians and then traded back to the Indians before playing for the Blue Jays.  Then after a season with Cleveland they traded him to Toronto.  Couldn't they just make up their minds?

Pete Vuckovich played only one season with Toronto before moving on to decent career elsewhere.  I've already mentioned him a few times in posts.

Dan Meyer played five good years with the Mariners.  

Bill Singer's last year was the first year that Toronto played - 1977.  He was 2-8 with an enormous ERA.

Pete Broberg was drafted by the Mariners and traded to the Cubs before playing for Seattle.  He only lasted until 1978.  

Steve Braun was drafted by the Mariners from the Twins.  He played only 1.5 seasons before being traded to Kansas City.  His batting average as a Mariner was much lower than the average he achieved for other teams. 

Steve Hargan was drafted by the Blue Jays from the Rangers.  Soon after the season began he was traded to Texas and then he ended up the season in Atlanta.  1977 was his last season.  He was 1-3 with Toronto and 1-3 combined with the other teams.  

Leroy Stanton had his best year with Seattle in 1977.  He had 27 homers and 90 RBIs.  His career ended after playing with the Mariners in 1978.  

I want to find out what players were available but passed over by Seattle and Toronto.  That could be a great future post.  

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