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Kelloggs Cards

Monday, July 6, 2015

Kellogg's Cereal Box Dream #12 - Catchers Don't Get Lots of Love

I probably pulled this card from a cereal box in 1972.  Either that or from my brother's hand after he got it first.  I always liked this set since the color was good and the smaller card seemed to come out of the box in better shape than the 1970s and 1971.

Freehan doesn't get lots of love in the hobby.  He's been an All-Star 11 times and he won five Gold Gloves.   A .262 career average for someone who played 15 seasons with Detroit is great for catcher.  
His Tiger teams won the World Series in 1968, had 9 20-game winners and two Cy Young Award winners.  In a time when catcher was primarily a defensive position he did a great job.

In 1982 he received 2 Hall of Fame votes so he was removed from future ballots.  

1972 Kellogg's Bill Freehan #31

1972 Cereal Box rating -- 8    comment --   Not the biggest star, but a regular all-star and key                                                                              player on a good team.     

2015 Rating                    -- 6    comment --     I love the 1972s so I still like this card.  He's a guy                                                                              you'd see in common boxes now.  

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