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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Kellogg's Cereal Box Dream #13 - A Unique Way to Be Discovered

I imagine that most players love to tell the story about who discovered them and gave them their chance at being signed or drafted.  It's probably exciting when the person who notices the player is someone famous, maybe even a baseball Hall-of-Famer.  

It couldn't be more different for Britt Burns.  The story that I read said that he was discovered by a book critic.  Really?  The book critic passed along a story to Bill Veeck, owner of the White Sox.  As an 18-year-old at the time, I doubt that reading was high on Britt's list of things to do.

Injuries plagued his career.  I remember hearing that he got injured falling off of a stationary bike, so he was certainly injury prone.  He was just 26 when he played his last major league game.  He won 18 games in his final season.   

He pitched nine shutout innings in a 1983 playoff game, but his team scored nothing and he gave up a home run in the tenth to lose the game 1-0.  

1983 Kellogg's Britt Burns #43

1983 Cereal Box rating -- 8    comment --   A good player that year.  I could always trade him                                                                              since all of my friend were White Sox fans.     

2015 Rating                    -- 6    comment --     Still nice to get a Chicago card, but he's not                                                                                          remembered as a star player.    

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