Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Does Anyone Play Baseball in South Dakota?

So, only one player born in South Dakota has gotten their face onto a Kellogg's card.  And he went to high school in the state of Washington.

Only 37 players from South Dakota have made it to the big leagues with the first one in 1911.  I know that the population isn't large but I would have guess they'd have a few more major leaguers.

Those who didn't get a Kellogg's card include former manager Sparky Anderson, Terry Forster, Terry Francona, Dave Collins and Jason Kubel.  Francona's birthplace was a surprise since dad Tito played for Cleveland at the time.   Terry is listed as growing up near Pittsburgh.  

Sorry for the delay with the photo.  He was a free agent after the 1982 season, so this 1983 card has him on the wrong team.  He signed with the White Sox.  I don't feel bad for the delay since he got an extra Donruss card anyway when the company put his picture throwing left-handed on Tom Seaver's card.

Floyd Bannister is the only one to get on a Kellogg's card from the group of 37.  His 1983 card celebrates his leading the league in strikeouts and his being named to the All-Star team.  He was 8-5 at the All-Star break although he finished the season at 12-13.

Floyd won 134 games and lost 143 during his 15 years with some bad teams.  He won 16 games twice for the White Sox including the 1983 season where he took a playoff loss in his only post-season game.

Bannister's son Brian had a career record of 37-50.

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