Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Surprise Kellogg's Card Find Before the National Card Convention Next Week

Before going to ride my bicycle today I decided to make a quick stop at a small card show near the bike path.  I was happily surprised to find a stack of 1971 football and baseball cards at one table.  The football ones had major curling and the baseball ones were amazingly flat.  All show great color even though about one third are cracked.

There were a few other Kellogg's cards as well, but there was a catch.  They were in a large box that was for sale as is.  I didn't look at the other cards much since the price was already good for the Kellogg's cards.  The other cards were late 70s and early 80s.  When I got home I was surprised to find out that most star cards were there, minus key rookie cards.  So, quite a fun purchase.

I've never gotten a card graded, but I do own a few graded cards.  About 15 of the 1971 Kellogg's baseball cards are probably good enough to be graded.  I may have to ask someone for advice on this one.

Since my 1971 baseball cards are not in great condition, I got about 15 upgrades for my set and one new variation.  That gives me 152 cards toward the master set.

I will be heading to the National Card Convention on Wednesday.  Normally I don't find many cheap Kellogg's cards, but I'll be looking.  Upcoming posts will probably mention what variations I need.

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