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Friday, July 10, 2015

Kellogg's Really Liked All-Star Game MVPs

Every player who won the All-Star game MVP from 1963 - 1984 appeared on a Kellogg's baseball card at some point in their career.  It must have been around that time that the folks at Kellogg's began selecting players for the next set.

The MVP Award at the All-Star game began in 1962 when there were two games.  Maury Wills and Leon Wagner were the MVPs.  Neither got a Kellogg's card.  Wagner's final season was 1969 so he left too soon to get a Kellogg's card.  Wills' career was winding down around 1970 and his final season was 1972.

That's quite a streak of MVPs getting Kellogg's cards.  Let's see how many of these players appeared in the set the year after being the game's MVP.

1963 - 1968 MVPs couldn't be on a card since the Kellogg's sets began in 1970.  But all of those players appeared on a Kellogg's card at some point later.  

The only ones that didn't get a card the next year were  Carl Yastrzemski (1970 MVP), Frank Robinson (1971), Steve Garvey (1978) and Ken Griffey (1980).  

1969 MVP McCovey

1972 MVP J. Morgan

1973 MVP Bonds

1974 MVP Garvey

1975 MVPs Madlock & Matlack

1976 MVP Foster

1977 MVP Sutton

1979 MVP Parker

1981 MVP Gary Carter

1982 MVP Conception

1983 MVP Fred Lynn and 1984 MVP Gary Carter both appeared on earlier cards.

1985 MVP Lamar Hoyt didn't become a star until 1982 so it was a bit late for him to get into the 1983 set.  


  1. 1.) Bill Madlock features prominently on this blog. I guess that makes sense, given the time period.
    2.) Maury Wills may never have gotten a Kellogg's card . . . but did Bump Wills ever get one? Bump was only slightly less of a speed merchant than his dad.

  2. Bump never got a card either. Maury Wills had issues with Topps so he didn't get on many cards there either.

    Madlock is featured often without me planning it. Cubs ownership was really annoying and disliked in the 1970s. Trading Madlock didn't help that.