Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Kellogg's Cereal Box Dream # 14 - That's Quite a Famous Number on Baseball Jerseys

It's the 14th post in this series so why not honor someone who wore number 14 for the longesttime.    

Hey, I could do another post about Ernie Banks who wore than number for the Cubs.  Nah, he's been in enough posts already.  Banks wore #14 for 19 years.

Paul Konerko wore #14.  He got into a post because of a magnet on my refrigerator, but he doesn't have a Kellogg's card so he's out.  He wore #14 for 16 years.

Gil Hodges, Jim Bunning, Jim Rice, Andres Galarraga, Julio Franco and Gene Woodling all wore #14 for at least 15 years. lists 688 players who have worn #14.  This number was worn by one player for 24 years.  He finished with a .303 batting average, won an MVP and a Rookie of the Year Award and earned two Gold Gloves as an outfielder.

If you need another hint, he finished his career with 4,256 career hits.  One more hint?  He's not in the Hall of Fame.

1977 Kellogg's Pete Rose #20

1977 Cereal Box rating -- 9    comment --   One of the best players in the game.  Like anyone                                                                                who wasn't a Reds fan, I despised his win-at-all-cost                                                                          style of play.  Little did I know.      

2015 Rating                    -- 9    comment --     Nine for a different reason than the earlier nine. 
                                                                           Lots of air time for him this week at the All-Star                                                                                game.  His image is now stained in a few ways.

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