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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What About U.S. Diplomatic Ties with Cuba - Will There be a New Market for Kellogg's Cards?

Recently the U.S. announced that the diplomatic relationship with Cuba is changing.  I saw something on television about Cuban ballplayers.  There have been at least 191 Cuban players in the majors.

I started to look for Cuban-born players in the Kellogg's sets.  The following players were all born in Cuba.  After 1975 there were only two cards of Cuban-born players in regular Kellogg's issues - Campaneris in 1977 and Perez in 1981.  Cuellar, Campaneris and Minoso appeared in the 1991 Hispanic Legends set and Perez was in the 1991 All-Star set.  

Bert Campaneris Luis Tiant and Tony Oliva all appeared in the 1970 set.  Olivia was joined in 1971 by Tony Perez, Tony Taylor, Jose Cardenal and Mike Cuellar.

Olivia and Cuellar stayed in 1972 with newcomers Cookie Rojas and Leo Cardenas.

Oliva and Cuellar were the lone Cuban-born players in the 1973 set.  

In 1974 Bert Campaneris and Cookie Rojas reappeared.

In 1975 Kellogg's brought back Jose Cardenal and Luis Tiant.  

After none appearing in 1976, Campaneris showed up in the 1977 set.

Not until 1981 did Tony Perez continue the list of Cuban-born players.  Perez on the Red Sox?  He had his 7th and final 100-plus RBI season with the Red Sox in 1980.

None appeared in the 1992 and 1983 sets.

As mentioned above, a few players appeared in some of the later Kellogg's small sets.  Minoso appeared regularly at White Sox team functions and at games.  What a great ambassador for the team.  He is surely missed.

Is Kellogg's going to be selling Frosted Flakes in Cuba sometime? 

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