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Kelloggs Cards

Thursday, July 2, 2015

What Does Jim Spencer Have to Do With Dusty Baker and Babe Ruth?

On this day in 1977 Jim Spencer of the White Sox had 8 RBIs for the second time during the season.  He finished the season with 69 RBIs in 128 games and his second Gold Glove.  So, 16 RBIs in 2 games and 53 in the other 126 games.

Spencer never got onto a Kellogg's card, but Dusty Baker did.  Why does that matter?  In 1976 my friends and I went to any store known to sell baseball cards.  I was close to completing the set and I vividly remember needing the cards of Jim Spencer and Dusty Baker.

Needing two cards, we went to a pharmacy on 79th Street and I remember buying about 10 packs.  In one of the first few packs there were traded cards.  Ugh!  Now, even if I got the two cards I needed, I wouldn't be done with the set yet.  Even though they were numbered separately, I immediately decided that I needed to get them.  I'd need to look through that set to see if I can remember who I got last, but I did get Baker and Spencer that day.  

Babe Ruth would have been 120 years old today.  Happy Birthday.  The players mentioned above were born in 1947 and 1949.  Ruth died in 1948.

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