Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Monday, July 13, 2015

Has Anyone Ever Told You That You Look Like..... A Guy on a Kellogg's Card

I spent lots of my time searching for cards with one of my friends.  We'd go about a mile in any direction on our bikes to see which stores had packs in stock.

Usually, the packs were kept on the counter near the register, but at a few places the cards would just be mixed in with all of the gum and candy.  The quick scan of the candy boxes at those stores was fun.  Seeing a box of cards between the Charleston Chews and Marathon Candy Bars made for a great day.

Whenever I see a Lance Parrish card it brings back great memories from my younger card collecting days.  He entered the league in 1977 when I was already big on these bike trips in search of cards.  I was never a big fan of his or anything but there was just something about his card that brought back great memories.

It turns out my friend grew up to look a lot like Lance Parrish.  There are songs that remind me of people, but not many cards that do.  Any time I see a Lance Parrish card I can easily think back to chasing cards at White Hen, Crestline Drugs, Dairy Queen and many other stores whose names elude me.

Thanks Lance.

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