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Kelloggs Cards

Friday, July 17, 2015

Not Nearly as Many Players Wore #72 - Only One Famous One and He Didn't Want the Number

So, only 11 players in MLB history have worn #72.  That's quite a difference from the 688 players that have worn #14.  Heck, the count could even be 689 since the count for #14 was as of yesterday.

Sorry, but after six hours of sweating today I am sitting with the A/C on and a Fisk card showing him on the White Sox is two rooms away.  Not today.

Fisk's number 27 was in use when he was signed by the White Sox.   Even though the number was available before the season started Fisk stuck with his new number of 72.

None of the other players wearing #72 made it onto a Kellogg's card.  None wore the number for more than four years either.  Here is the short list.  Enjoy.

Luis Aquino - Expos, Giants
Xander Bogaerts - Red Sox
Jason Giambi - Indians
Robert Machado - Cubs, Brewers, Orioles
Jack McDowell - Angels
Juan Miranda - Yankees
Pat Neshek - Twins
Carlos Rivero - Red Sox
Miguel Rojas - Dodgers
Adam Wilk - Angels

A future project might consider why some of them wore this number.  Was this because of Fisk for any of them?

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