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Kelloggs Cards

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Most Boring All-Star Game Ever....And I Was There


It was so exciting to get a seat to the 1990 All-Star game.

Then I went to the game.

Wikipedia has so little to say about the game.  One of the first things that they mention is that it is first, and as of now only, All-Star Game to have two players with the same name.  Both Greg Olson (Orioles P) and Gregg Olson (Braves C) were in the game.

Then the site mentioned that Ernie Banks threw out the first pitch.

Still nothing about the game.  There were 9 hits in the game and a two-run hit by Julio Franco accounted for the only runs.  Boring.

My biggest memory of the game was batting practice.  Two of the leagues star players refused to throw and baseballs into the crowd.  Interestingly, both hold famous all-time MLB records.    


  1. The all-time stolen base leader and the all-time home run leader. Rickey started in LF for the AL and Barry entered later for the NL.