Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Bert Campaneris Out-homered Yaz

Today is Bert Campaneris' birthday.  I was surprised by a few things that showed up in his stats.  In 1970 he hit 22 of his 79 career homers.  How did he do that when his next highest season had him hit eight homers?

I mentioned a few days ago that Carl Yastrzemski hit no career homers off of Gaylord Perry.  Campaneris hit three of of Perry in 78 plate appearances.  Two more of his homers came of Gaylord's brother Jim.

He had three 2-homer games including his first two homers off of Jim Kaat.  Not bad for a guy who averaged a homer every 121+ at-bats in his career.

He finished his career with 649 stolen bases, the most for a Latin-American player.  Can you name who is next on that list?  Hint - he has at least one Kellogg's card.  

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