Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Monday, March 14, 2016

Today is Like Halloween - My Brothers Get the Goodies and I Get a Rock

Today is pi day.  My daughter gets extra credit for bringing a pie to school for math class.  I wish someone did that when I was a student.  

On the Sean Lahman database there is only one player with the last name of Pie (Felix) and one with a first name of Pie (Traynor).  Luckily, Mr. Traynor has a Kellogg's card.  Once again I'm too lazy to dig one out of my room, so here is a bad picture from the internet.

He hit .320 for his career (1920 - 1937).

I found one other player with the nickname of Pie - Al Piechota.  That led me to search for other players with the letters "pie" in their name.   

Only six players had the word "pie" in their first names.  None played after 1946 and none were names I recognized.

43 players in MLB history have the word "pie" in their last name.  A few are worth noting. 

Billy Pierce - a long-time White Sox pitcher who lived a few miles from me.  He'd attend local shows frequently and wander the room talking to collectors and dealers.  

Jimmy Piersall - a White Sox announcer that sure made games entertaining with Harry Caray.  

Juan Pierre - he had over 2,200 hits and led the league in hits and steals a few times.  He played for both Chicago teams. 

A.J. Piezynski - everyone loves or hates A.J.  Everyone will remember him too.

Tony Piet - I recognize the name only because he's from IL.

Ed Spezio - from Joliet, IL where I used to work.

Scott Spezio - from Joliet, IL where I used to work.

No MLB players have had the initials P.I.E. Two have P.E. without a middle name but a quick search didn't yield any middle name so I gave up.

Only two players have had the initials P.I., which is the basis of pi day.  Phil Irwin and Pete Incaviglia.  

If you haven't noticed, I really don't feel like being productive today.  

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  1. Tony's son, Tony Piet, Jr., used to be a member at Beverly and paid big bucks.