Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Some Players Wore Batting Helmets on the Field; Others Didn't Even Wear Them When Batting

On this day in 1941 the Dodgers announced that their players would wear batting helmets.  After some earlier rules regarding batting helmets, in 1971 MLB mandated that all players were helmets.  Current players didn't have to abide by the rule.

The last three active players to go without helmets at the plate were Bob Montgomery (last game in 1979), Tony Taylor (1976) and Norm Cash (1974).

Taylor appeared in the 1971 Kellogg's set.  I would think that at least of few of the 78 times he was hit by a pitch in his career might have convinced him to weave a batting helmet.

Cash won a batting title (.361 in 1961) and in 17 years he never surpassed .300 again.  His never best average was .286, .075 points lower than his best average.  He later told about this season and how he corked his bat.  Why didn't he do it in other years?

Dick Allen would wear a helmet when playing in the field.   Check out the cards below.  That's how I remember him playing.

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