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Kelloggs Cards

Monday, March 28, 2016

I Don't Have any Dairy Queen Cards But There is a Good Story

On a hot summer day a Dairy Queen large shake sure hit the spot after a long day of caddying.  After getting the shake the ride home was almost two miles.  My shake never lasted the entire bike ride.  I wouldn't want to get home with it since someone would want me to share it with them.

A story today about one of my brothers sounded funny at first until I thought about the untold part of the story.  The story is true, but since I'm not sure when it happened, I'm going to do my best to come up with the rest of the story using an actual box score.

My brother is a big White Sox fan.  In 1993 the Sox made the playoffs only to lose to Toronto.  Another brother passed along the Dairy Queen incident today and I thought it would be more fun to create the story rather than wait for the truth.  Plus, the truth could possibly be a story without players who have appeared on a Kellogg's card.

On June 13, 1993 the White Sox played a Sunday afternoon game against the Royals in Kansas City.  The White Sox scored in the top of the ninth inning to tie the game.  In the 10th inning George Brett doubled and later scored when pitcher Donn Pall gave up another hit.

My brother, remembering that Donn Pall grew up within a few blocks of that Dairy Queen was quite frustrated by the outcome.  So what did he do?  He ran out of the house and threw his XL DQ shake into the street.  As the story was told to me, my brother's violent heave went sailing over my older brother's 1961 convertible that went by the name of "Flash".  Why was it called that?  When he bought it, the name was cheaply spray-painted on the side and my brother never painted over it.  The doors also didn't open but we didn't mind.

Why would he do that?  Did Pall's family own the DQ? How far did he throw it?  Why wasn't YouTube around yet?  I promise to update this story in the future unless it is too boring.

Two more questions arose from hearing this story today.  First, how did my brother get all the way home from DQ without finishing his shake?  He must have gotten a ride.  Back in my day we rode our bike or walked the 3.5 miles home from the golf course.  The younger generation was certainly soft.

Another question came to mind as well.  How was my brother already watching a White Sox day game on a Sunday?  This is the biggest day to make money as a caddie.  The only way I got home that early on a Sunday was if there was a flood or lightning.  Did I mention that this younger generation was soft?

I await answers to my questions.  Stay tuned.

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