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Kelloggs Cards

Friday, March 25, 2016

Who Is In Your Kellogg's Foursome?

A common question to get people talking is to ask them who would join them for dinner for four at a restaurant.  The people can be living or deceases.  This always makes it easy to get a good discussion going on all sorts of different topics - sports, politics, religion, global warming, etc.

I would probably include Isaac Newton, Lou Gehrig and golfer Chick Evans.  Gehrig and Evans may have met since they are from a similar time.  

In golf it is common to skip the dinner table and ask who would be in your foursome.  I'm going to ask the same question except that the players must have appeared on a Kellogg's card.  Depending on one's mood, this could change at any time.  Disregard the fact that some of these guys might not be golfers since I'm not going to look that up.

Would it be best to pick people who actually knew each other or not?

Would it be better to choose people from different eras?

Does one just pick their favorite players?

Does one select players from different parts of the USA/World?

Let's start with the Cubs since I've been blessed to be a Cub fan my entire life.  Since I was a horrible pitcher (see my career stats tomorrow) I will skip pitchers.  I already met Fergie Jenkins last year in a skybox so adding him has less appeal now.

I was a bit too young to be an Ernie Banks fan.  My brother was a big fan of Banks.  He seemed like a great guy and ambassador for the team.

Billy Williams and Ron Santo were my favorites as a kid.  I saw both of them for years at games and I saw Santo on the golf course before.

I think I'd have gone with Ernie Banks.  His enthusiasm would be great for any foursome.  He'd probably be great at getting everyone in the conversation.

Since Lou Gehrig was in my foursome already, he's a shoe-in for this group.  I want to know if the stories are true.  I also saw one of my wife's relatives go through some of the stages of ALS.

Roberto Clemente would also be a good choice for some of the same reasons as Gehrig.  Was he really that amazing in daily life?  I will pass on him since his career spanned almost exactly the same years as Banks' career.

By choosing someone who began in the 1970s I can get a nice mix of baseball from the 1920s, '30s, '50s, '60s, '70s and '80s.  There are so many interesting choices.  None jump out at me like those already chosen.  Some would be good just because they are polarizing personalities and others would be good since they were star players.

It is tough to decide so I will go back to another baseball ambassador - Minnie Minoso.  Before his recent death, he was seen everywhere around Chicago at White Sox events and other community events.

Banks is from Dallas, Texas.  Gehrig is from New York City and Minoso hailed from Cuba.  That fits right in with all of the coverage of Obama in Cuba and Cuba's link to MLB.  It doesn't matter if they are any good at golf because I sure haven't figured the game out.  

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