Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

1970 Kellogg's Baseball Card Backs #04 - 06

I still haven't gotten to my set which has card numbers 19 - 27.  Maybe on the weekend I will get those and get photos to use.  

#06 - Frank Howard

6-7.  That's a big guy.  No wonder he's nicknamed "The Horse".  He finished second in the 1969 Home Run Derby.

Not on the card - I don't know if I've seen any other mention of the Home Run Derby on other cards.  Has anyone else?  And who won?

#05 Mel - Stottlemyre

He had three 20+ win seasons in the 1960s for the Yankees.

Not on the card - that was the last time the Yankees were in the World Series until 1976.  They had five losing records in those 11 years.  Mel's stats were certainly impacted during those seasons.

The family won 302 MLB games.  Mel (164 wins) had two sons pitch in the majors - Todd (132) and Mel (0).

#04 Willie McCovey

Willie likes to read comic books and going to the movies.  Another tall guy - he is 6-4.

Not on the card - in 1969 he won his third HR title.  He was MVP that year too.  


  1. Great Frank Howard audio of his last homer in Washington, just as the team was leaving:

  2. That was actually the last game in Washington before the team moved to become the Texas Rangers. That was the team's last homer too.

    After watching the clip I checked out the box score on Here is the recap - "This game was the final game in RFK stadium for the Washington Senators. (They moved to Texas the following year.) Fans stormed the field with two outs remaining in the ninth inning and began vandalizing the field. The umpires declared a forfeit to the Yankees. The Senators were leading 7-5 at the time of forfeiture.
    Game was forfeited to the visiting team."

    So, with a forfeit there was no winning or losing pitcher.