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Kelloggs Cards

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

1970 Kellogg's Baseball vs. 1971 Kellogg's Baseball - PSA Numbers

Over 29,000 1970 Kellogg's baseball cards have been graded by PSA.  When it comes to 1971 that number is much lower - only 11,265.

In the 1971 set only 1,011 (9.0%) of the cards have been graded as 10s and 8,967 (79.6%) have been graded as 8 or higher by PSA.  The 1970 set currently contains 14.5% of the graded cards as 10s and 93.4% graded 8 or better by PSA.

Not only are there far fewer 1971 graded, they are less likely to be 10s.  The numbers for 1971s certainly must be a lot less than 1970 since one would be more inclined to grade the 1971s since they are much more valuable.  Most know that since Kellogg's didn't offer factory sets via mail-in in 1971 the cards are less plentiful.

I should check the numbers for the other grading services.  Do they list things like the proof card of Glenn Beckert?

For 1971s since there are only 1,011 cards graded as 10s, that is roughly 13.5 copies of each of the 75 cards.

Only eight 1971 Kellogg's baseball cards have at least 20 copies graded as 10s.  They are Roberto Clemente (25), Willie McCovey (21), Sam McDowell (25), Mike Epstein (23), Pete Rose (22), Lou Brock (21), Tommy Harper (20) and Amos Otis (21).

A few cards from 1971 hardly have any grades of 10.  Card #1 of Wayne Simpson has only two grades of 10, while Manny Sanguillen and Chris Short has six grades of 10.  In 1970 only two cards had less than 20 PSA 10 copies.  

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