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Kelloggs Cards

Monday, January 30, 2017

1976 Kellogg's Card Backs - Card Numbers 04 - 06

Here are the next three cards from the 1976 Kellogg's baseball card set.  This is one of my favorite sets, but it is also one that looks bad if the white border is faded.

04 - Randy Jones

I'm focusing on the card backs, but the R. Jones on the front stands out since most players just have their last name.  All of us kids knew who the card depicted without the "R.".  There were three other active players named Jones in 1975 - Cleon, Robert (Bob) and Odell.  That didn't matter to us.

Throws right and bats left - I love that.

When he as 8-22 in 1974 the Padres scored two or less runs in 17 of his 40 starts.  Only R. Jones and T. Seaver won 20 games in 1975.

Not on the card - R. Jones finished second to T. Seaver in the C. Young voting.  R. Jones won the C. Young in 1976.  In both years he finished 10th in the MVP voting.

05 - Jim Hunter

Most of the guys listed sports as their hobby.  Hunter was a big hunter/fisher.  That was part of an earlier story about his free agency.

The word free agency isn't mentioned on this card but it does say "His historic, money-making transfer from Oakland".  He had 30 complete games while winning 23 times.

Not on the card - I would have appreciated him more if he played in the NL.  While I went to a lot of White Sox games, I don't think I ever saw the Yankees as a kid.  Why?  We usually went to games when the tickets were given to us, when there was a give-away at Comiskey or when we had "straight-A" tickets from Chicago Public Schools.

Not on the card - They were called "straight-A" tickets but they also gave them out for perfect attendance.  It helped having a bunch of sisters for the "A's" and parents who wouldn't let me stay home - ever!

06 - Clay Carroll

Carroll should be hanging out with Catfish Hunter in the off-season - hunting and fishing were also listed as his hobbies.

Did they always list the position as Relief Pitcher for these guys?  I've got to check up on that.

His 37 saves are an NL record.

Not on the card - the White Sox logo is on the card.  A variation exists with the Reds logo.

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