Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Saturday, January 7, 2017

1970 Kellogg's Baseball Card Backs #25 - 27

Now we are down to the cards that I need to make some sets.  I'm actually having trouble getting numbers 15 through 30 in nice condition.  Anyone interested in trading?

#27 - Roberto Clemente

I don't remember ever pulling any Clemente out of a cereal box.  I do remember buying more than five 1970 Topps cards of Clemente from an older kid for 10 cents each.  Based on monster boxes as we know them, this kid had two full ones with nothing but 1970 Topps.  A bunch of us went there and I doubt that we grabbed any Nolan Ryan cards.  I know that I didn't.

Great hobbies - listening to classic music and reading.  He hit in all seven games of the 1960 World Series and he won a batting title in 1967.  He was an all-star in 1969.

Not on the card - on some players it mentions other all-star teams.  Clemente was also an all-star every year from 1960 - 1967.  The batting title in 1967 was his fourth.

#26 Willie Crawford

Crawford was a home-town player.  He pinch-hit in the 1965 World Series.  

IT'S A FACT - Babe Ruth drove in 2,209 runs making him the only player to surpass 2,000 RBIs.

Not on the card - Crawford made his debut just after his 18th birthday and when he batted in the World Series he was just a month past his 19th birthday.  

Also not on the card - Hank Aaron was only at 1,724 RBIs at this point.  Aaron is the career leader with 2,297 RBIs.  Can Anson is now listed with 2,075 RBIs but I don't know what information that had available for this in 1969.  

#25 Tom Haller

6-4 is quite tall for a guy playing catcher.  I didn't know he was a three-time all-star.  I also didn't remember that he's from Lockport, IL which is about 20 minutes from me.  My team competes against them a few times during track season and one of my nephews hold a track record there.  

Tom is the brother of MLB umpire Bill Haller.  

Not on the card - I don't remember Tom much since he retired before I turned 10 years old.  I remember his brother more because he was an umpire until 1982.  Both Hallers were in the AL in 1972.  

On July 14th in 1972 Bill was the home plate umpire in a Tigers game.  That was the first time in baseball history that brothers were home plate umpire and catcher.  I was hoping to see that the younger Haller got called out on strikes, but he put the ball in play in all four at-bats.  

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