Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Monday, January 23, 2017

1991-92 Kellogg's Hockey Cards - Produced by Score

I picked up some of the 1991-92 Kellogg's hockey cards a while back.  I recently purchased an entire set with the binder that was provided.  What follows is the text that uses to describe this set.

This 24-card standard-size set was produced by Score as a promotion for Kellogg's Canada. Two-card foil packs were inserted in specially marked 675-gram Kellogg's Corn Flakes cereals. The side panel of the cereal boxes presented a mail-in offer for the complete set and a card binder for 5.99 plus three proof of purchase tokens (one token featured per side panel). Card fronts have player action photos enclosed in a small red border, player's name in white reverse-out lettering, and team logo in bottom portion of the purple border. Card backs, also in purple, red, and white, carry the card number, Kellogg's Limited Edition Collector's Set logo, biography, statistics, and player profile in English and French.

I don't collect hockey cards much, so I don't recognize this card.  It does look different than his regular card from the Score set of that year.  I hope that all of the 24 Kellogg's cards are unique.  

Kenner did that a few times with Starting Lineup cards where the only difference was the Starting Lineup logo on the card.  Once they were so lazy that they didn't even change the card numbers on the back.   

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  1. Sure miss me some cereal box sports cards. This Roy is really cool. Love the simplicity of the early 90's Score hockey card designs.