Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

1970 Kellogg's PSA Data Part One

Here's the latest PSA data for 1970 Kellogg's baseball cards.

29,024 cards have been graded.  93.4% of those cards have grades of 8 (21.5%), 9 (57.5%) or 10 (14.5%).  That's 4,198 grades of 10 or an average of around 56 per card number.

The thirteen cards with the least number of PSA submissions are the first and last cards plus 11 cards in the range of numbers 16 to 30 in the set.  Even Hall of Famer Gaylord Perry is in this group.

The four cards between 16 and 30 to grade in greater amounts are Roberto Clemente, Luis Aparicio, Willie Stargell and Brooks Robinson.  Only 80.4% of Clemente cards got grades of at least 8.  The next lowest success rate (grade 8 or better) in the set was 86.6%.

Only six cards in the set had a success rate lower than 90%.  Rose, Bench and three other cards in the 16-30 range joined Clemente in this category.

If the Bob Gibson cards are combined to one total, the 17 most graded cards feature Hall of Famers and Pete Rose.

Hall of Famers Don Sutton, Ron Santo, Brooks Robinson, Willie Stargell Luis Aparicio and Gaylord Perry fall short of that list of 17.  Why?  Robinson, Stargell, Aparicio and Perry are in the card number range 16-30 that seems to be in less supply.  Santo (inducted 2012) and Sutton (inducted 1998) mess with the analysis.

More tomorrow.

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