Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Saturday, March 11, 2017

1976 Kellogg's Card Backs - Card Numbers 37 - 39

Here are three more cards backs from 1976 Kellogg's.  This group brings up quite different memories from 1976.

#37 - Jim Palmer

Palmer had another 20-win season in 1975 to with an ERA title and Cy Young Award.

This was a great card to get in 1976.

Not on the card - he became an underwear model at some point.

Not on the card - it was his second Cy Young Award.  He added another in 1976.

#38 - Bobby Murcer

"Never quite filling the superstar niche his Yankee employers carved for him" - that's not the best thing to say on a Kellogg's card, but I've mentioned worse comments.

I was not excited to get this card in 1976 and I liked it less in 1977.

Not on the card - a year after this card came out he was traded to the Cubs for Bill Madlock in a deal that really bothered me and my school friends.  

#39 - Von Joshua

The second player in a row in this set who is a Giant and has one been with the team one year.  1975 was his first year as a regular player and he hit .318.

I was surprised that a guy like this was in the 1976 set.

He's from the San Francisco Bay area.  

Not on the card - he only played two more full seasons in his 10-year career.  His career average was .273.

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