Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

SGC Grading and Kellogg's Cards

I've got a busy stretch here with five track meets in eight days and one of the other days is a late day at school with teacher conferences.  That will keep me from thinking about getting lengthy posts.

I found out that I can't get counts from Beckett's card grading without logging in.  Maybe I will see about getting an account.

I check SGC and I was able to easily find the counts from Kellogg's cards.  Here is what I found from 1976 Kellogg's.

Only 310 Kellogg's cards have been graded by SGC.  I was surprised that Tom Seaver had the most graded cards with 19.  Lots of cards have less than five graded examples.  Card #1 isn't listed here, but I assume it has been graded.

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  1. Good article on the Becket site about the 68 set.