Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

No Good Kellogg's News But I'm A Lot Closer to Retirement?

I was not having a good day.  I purchased what I thought was a unique Kellogg's item on ebay.  When it arrived it was anything but that.  As a result of the incorrect description I now need to send back the item - something I don't think I've done ever.

The evening was getting better when my daughter announced that my wife had already agreed that I was to take the teenager to Baskin Robbins.  That would be fine since I needed a smoothie to wash down my grief over the Kellogg's disappointment.

Everything was going along well.  Good service, two drinks coming up soon, etc.  It was difficult to avoid buying a Dunkin Donut, but I did.  The next steps changed the evening quickly.  

The computerized cash register was situated in such a way that the customers could see everything on their bills.  For some reason my daughter was watching intently.  Why?  There was really nothing else to do and we don't see this type of display at similar stores.

Here is what she saw...

Since there was nothing else to do, we kept looking intently.  What happened next caused my daughter's eyes to light up and I've never seen a bigger smirk/evil grin on her face.  She didn't say a word, but she looked like I felt (a) when I knew that I could blackmail a sibling for eating a part of dad's Hershey bar or my sister's Scooper ice cream,  (b) when my brother had the chance to do the same to me when I spent paper route money on cards and/or candy or (c) when the Grinch stole Christmas. 

The guy who made our drinks was probably closer to my daughter's age than mine.  There was a long delay after he entered the two drinks into the computer.  Maybe that's why we were staring at the display.  He looked at me, then her, then back to me - and probably at my slightly (cough!) gray hair.  

Here is what appeared after a long delay to cause her smirk.


She didn't say a word, but the smirk remained as we exited the store.  Both doors closed and all I heard was her loud cackle followed by a sustained laugh for the 50 foot walk to the car.  Her reaction caused me to start laughing as well.

At least I forgot about the lost Kellogg's item.   

So as not to feel too old, I took a look online at Baskin Robbins to find out about their senior discount policy.  That didn't make me feel better at all.  It turns out that it is set to work for those age 60 and over.  

OUCH again!

So, when he was looking at the two of us he must have figured that gramps was taking the granddaughter for ice cream since it was spring break.  


  1. If it helps... your post brought a smile to my face as well. :) Thank you for sharing!