Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

1976 Kellogg's Card Backs - Card Numbers 43 - 45

Back to these great 1976 Kellogg's card backs.

#43 - Jerry Reuss

The Cardinals and Astros weren't patient with Reuss.   Things worked out well for the Pirates since he won 18 games and had a 2.54 ERA.

He must have done some things right - he played from 1969 - 1990 winning 220 games.

Not on the card - he was traded four times and released five times during his 22 seasons.

#44 Ken Griffey

Through most of my childhood this guy was just known as Ken Griffey.  Did anyone ever call him by his first name - George?

That's a great hobby - drawing cartoons.

He was born in the same town as Stan Musial.

"He has had to overcome a weakness for striking out. ".  His numbers are not bad by today's standards or the standards in his era.

Not on the card - I had the same weakness.  I never overcame it.

Not on the card - former teammate Tom Seaver's first name is also George.

#45 Jorge Orta

The text starts by talking about how his average slipped.  He hit .304.

He prefers to be called "George".  That's what we always called him.  He signed a lot of autographs for us when he played for the White Sox.

The card projects him as one of the games top base running thieves.  Many also think he will be a home run hitter.

And now for my favorite lines on the card - "Jorge's power is undoubtedly inherited from his ball-playing father, Pedro.  The senior Orta was formerly billed as "The Babe Ruth of Cuba".

I talked about "The Babe Ruth of......" in a previous post. mentions his speed, but not much about his homers.

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