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Kelloggs Cards

Friday, March 17, 2017

Three-Day Show - Which is the Best Day to Go?

There is a big show near O'Hare Airport (Chicago) this weekend.  Normally, I feel that if I go on Friday I might find some unique or hard-to-find Kellogg's or other oddball cards.  Sometimes I've had success going on Sunday when people are willing to budge more on their prices.

This is a big show.  I refuse to learn the name, but it used to be the Sun Times Card Show, named after one of the newspapers I delivered as a kid.  There are lots of paperboy stories, but I don't have a blog for that - yet.

For this show, I'm not available to go on Friday (dad duties) or Sunday (coaching) so it looks like I will be going on Saturday.   What I don't like about Saturdays is that when the show opens it is really crowded with those who work hard all week and get there early on Saturday.

 "I'm not complaining, I'm just explaining".   That was a favorite line of someone I used to coach.  I realize that I am spoiled living in the Chicagoland area since we have at least two great shows a year and the National almost every other year.  My three years outside of Chicago made me really miss going to good card shows.

I feel bad for those of you who live in the Mountain Time Zone and live hundreds of miles from a card show.  But, since I'm jealous that you live in the mountains I don't feel as bad for you as I would otherwise.

I picked up this Ruth above without the cards at one of these big card shows.  The first picture is something I saw online and didn't buy.  Maybe I will find something unique tomorrow?


  1. Hope you find some good stuff at the show! There are two different 3 days shows in my neck of the woods: GTSM & Tristar. I usually go to GTSM on Fridays, because it's free admission. And I'll go to Tristar on Saturdays, because trying to go towards SF on a Friday night is insane. And if I wait until Sunday all of the dime boxes have been cleaned out.

  2. I'll actually be at this very show in Rosemont tonight. I'd been going on the Saturday for years, but I've loved going on the Friday the past few times even more (never been on a Sunday). Saturday is probably the most well-attended day of the three, but it's a lot less crowded on Fridays and you basically get first pick at everything. That's the main reason I've started to go on Friday.