Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Card Show Recap

I read some varying comments about the Rosemont show before going.  I ignored the negative ones and decided to go to the show for a while.

These shows occur twice per year and I tend to go to them for about an hour.  Unfortunately, since the dealers seem to end up in the same locations, the show can be a bit predictable.  It's gotten quick to look through because most of the dealers are not only in the same place, their displays don't change much from one show to the next.

I saw the usual Kellogg's cards on display with dealers who had primarily older cards.  I also ran into two 800-count boxes of them elsewhere.  The first box was at a dealer table that was quite organized with vintage cards.  On top of the box were about 10 heavily curls cards.  The box had a high price on it and when I opened it the cards inside all had horrible curling as well.  The cards also were lacking in the sharp color that can be found.  I moved on.

I found a booth that had a bunch of boxes of cards organized by year.  One would assume that these would be commons and the good cards would be in the display cases.  No, the dealer told me that it took too long so the boxes had a mix of stars and commons.

This guy also had the second 800-count box that I saw.  There were lots of nice 1970 Kellogg's baseball cards, a variety of other years and some stars.  I was planning to make an offer but I didn't bother for three reasons -

1.  He told me that commons would be .50 to 1.00 for the newer years
2.  I watched him take about 10 minutes to give a guy a steep price for a handful of Hostess cards.  I left while they continued negotiating.
3.  I didn't have the time to have him slower look over the 500 or so cards in the box to come up with a price.  I also didn't have more than a hundred dollars.

If I see the guy next time will I ask what the box price is?  Probably.  Do I regret not waiting around for that?  No.  There were a few good cards, but the two things that I am really missing were really present in the box - 1979 variations and 1971 variation.

I saw no unopened packs and no individually-wrapped card packs.

Overall, a nice show since it is close to home.   I don't collect autographs that I pay for, even if the signers include Ralph Macchio and Kristy McNichol.

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