Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Monday, March 13, 2017

1976 Kellogg's Card Backs - Card Numbers 40 - 42

Back for a few more 1976 Kellogg's card backs.  This is one of my favorite set designs - front and back.  I guess when I rank the sets I will need to factor in the backs too.

#40 - Lou Brock

There is not much text on this card since Brock had already played from 1961 to 1975.   There would be even one line less if his 1964 season didn't combine his Cub and Cardinal stats.  

He stole "only" 56 bases in 1975 after having 118 in 1974..  Brock was 73 steals short of Ty Cobb's record at this time.  Nice to have yourself compared to Ty Cobb, but probably only when it comes to baseball stats.  

Not on the card - he beat Cobb by 41.  Billy Hamilton is now listed with more than Cobb and someone else eventually passed Brock.  

#41 - Mickey Rivers

Rivers had only played two full seasons when this card was issued.  He led the AL in steals in 1975 with 70 - more than Brock had in the NL.  

Not on the card - Rivers had 267 career stolen bases but he had only two seasons of more than 30 steals.  

Not on the card - any quotes by Rivers.  Go check some out online.  

#42 Manny Sanguillen

Nice hobby - playing the guitar.  

Nice comment by Kellogg's - "the ever-smiling Panamanian".  That is exactly how I remember him.  

He's a free-swinger and one of the most difficult men to walk in baseball.  It turns out he walked only about once in every 25 at-bats in his career.  

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