Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Sunday, May 14, 2017

2007 Kellogg's Venezuelan Card #2

The Venezuelan set consists of 45 cards.  As you saw yesterday, card #1 didn't feature any baseball players.  So, here is card #2.

Gus Polidor is featured on the front of the card in what looks like a  Texas Rangers uniform.  He never played for them, so this must be his winter league team - the Tiburones de la Guaira (La Guaira Sharks).

It is also mentioned that he played for the Angels.  I didn't know that he was killed in 1995 in Venezuela.  Sad story there.

He played from 1985 - 1993 for a few teams.  He was also a former Venezuelan league Rookie of the Year.  Other well-known players to win these award include Chico Carrasquel, Luis Aparicio, Cesar, Tovar, Tony Armas (Sr.), Francisco Rodriguez and Ronny Cedeno.

The back of the card actually features another player instead of Polidor's stats.  Angel Vargas was in the Phillies organization but he never made it to the majors.

Too bad that these cards don't have the 3-D effect of other Kellogg's sets.  The shine on the Vargas side of the card is due to the fact that I took the picture before taking the card out of the cheap plastic sleeve.  

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