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Kelloggs Cards

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Mays Again

I like the story below about Willie Mays and Warren Spahn.


After starting his career 0-for-12, Giants rookie Willie Mays gets his first hit, a 450-foot homer off Braves left-hander Warren Spahn. Ironically, it is the first of 18 home runs the 'Say Hey Kid' will hit off the Hall of Fame hurler, the most he will hit off any one pitcher.

In fairness to Spahn, Mays had 253 plate appearances versus Spahn which was more than he had against any pitcher, so he homered every 14 at-bats against Spahn.  Mays averaged a homer every 18.9 at-bats in his career. 

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  1. One of the coolest things about the internet is the sports reference sites. I love how we can compare hitters vs. specific pitchers and see how they fared. I wonder how many people would have guessed Spahn had you surveyed people at a sports bar or at a Giants game.