Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

What Qualifies as a Kellogg's Proof Card?

BVG has graded some Kellogg's cards as proof cards.  A quick search on ebay shows 21 results.  Here is the breakdown of those items:

(1) basketball panel set from 1992
(2) uncut 1973 sheets - with blank backs
(3) die cut super-size cards
(1) 1971 football with a blank back
(1) 1970 football with a blank back
(2) 1983 baseball cards with blank backs
(1) 1983 baseball strip of three cards
(7) 1970 BVG-graded football proof cards
(1) SGC Graded 1970 baseball card with a blank back
(1) Babe Ruth 1972 graded by BVG
(1) lot of five 1972 ATG graded by BVG

The BVG graded cards come from the collection of a former Xograph employee.  Does that matter?  What about the other ones?  Does a blank back mean that the card is a proof?  Why are there so many 1973 Kellogg's blank-back cards around?


  1. I have a blank back Yaz. Don't remember what year. Don't know what is considered a proof

  2. Replies
    1. No. Don't remember even hoepw i aquired it

  3. I see on your 72 k unopened list you need the #47 Marichal..I have one available..

  4. Which days will you be at the National?