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Kelloggs Cards

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Did You Ever Wake Up Hearing Hawk Harrelson?

I went to a White Sox game over the weekend.  So kid 29,000+ other people.  Why such a good crowd?  They were giving award Hawk Harrelson alarm clocks.  I'm too lazy to get a picture of mine but I am also scared to go near it since all I heard at the ballpark for four hours was:

(a) the alarm going off
(b) this ballgame is "O-VAH"
(c) Mercy!
(d) you can cancel the post-game show
(e) you can put it on the board, YES!

I will probably give it to a sibling because it can either be something he likes or something that will annoy him.


  1. Very cool. We had him in Boston. On the field and in the booth. I collect him because he was on the 67 Team.

  2. Very cool stadium giveaway. The main reason I know of Harrelson is because of the "golf glove" story. Not sure if I actually ever watched any games where he was an announcer.