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Kelloggs Cards

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Doing the Charleston?

I just spent a few days in Charleston.  I've been the Charleston, SC before, but this was a trip to Charleston, IL.  Not the same.

I went to a discount store that always advertises having candy from the 1970s.  I bought a few things but what I really wanted was my favorite candy bar from the 1970s - a Charleston Chew.  No luck.  They had Bit-O-Honey, candy lips, Sweetarts, bulleyes, etc.

In some locations these stores sell cards.  No such luck on that either.

No time today for Kellogg's cards, so happy birthday to Gary Nolan.

I didn't see the Reds play the Cubs much in the 1970s because they weren't in the same division.  The Cubs played NL East conference rivals 18 times (Expos, Mets, Cardinals, Phillies, Pirates).  That mean six series per year - 3 in each town.  

They only played the NL West teams (Reds, Braves, Dodgers, Giants, Astros, Padres) 12 times.  Do get me started on how the Braves are in the West and don't look at a map to try to figure this out.  

Nolan played one year with the Angels after 10 years with the Reds.  His last year was 1977 when I was finally figuring out all of the players in both leagues.  

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  1. Lol. When I was a kid, I though Atlanta was on the west coast because of the Braves and Falcons (NFC West). Don't think I figured out they weren't until the 5th grade when we learned about states.