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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Forfeits? There Was One On June 4th, 1974

Before lighted stadiums teams would try to slow a game down to have darkness stop a game before it became official.  That resulted in lots of forfeits.  Since 1970 there have been only five forfeits of MLB games.  How many can you name?  I only knew of two of them - the two easy ones.

Texas outfielder Jeff Burroughs was attacked by fans on this day in 1974 by Cleveland fans.  The game was forfeited by the home Indians.  

Fergie Jenkins started for Texas.  He left with a lead but there was a blown save.  I guess that didn't matter since the fans would have had a blown save on this one.  Did I mention it was 10-cent-beer night?  I remember reading all about that before delivering papers.  It was also a big enough deal to make the news when there was no cable television.

Lots of players in this game found their way onto a Kellogg's card during their careers.

Players stats from the forfeited games count.   In the game above it was a tie so no pitcher gets a decision.  In another forfeited game the losing team was given the win due to forfeit so no pitchers got a decision in that game either.  When the team leading won by forfeit the pitchers of records did get decisions.

More on the other forfeits at another time.


  1. 1) I'm assuming Disco Demolition Derby is one.
    2) Too bad you couldn't work in something about Muhammad Ali coming to your high school and asking a student if he wanted to see how hard he could still punch!

  2. No, the student actually asked Ali if he could still throw a hard punch. It was one of the class clown types. Ali brought him up and then asked if he'd want to find out.